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Step-By-Step installation instructions

Customization of Social Login widget in BlogEngine.Net

Installation Instructions
1. Download Social Login widget for BlogEngine.

2. Add Social Login widget in BlogEngine widgetsfolder.

3. Login to your website admin panel and click on 'Go to front page tab'.

4. Then at the very bottom of the page, click on the dropdown which will show list of all widgets. Select LoginRadius widget from list and hit Add button.

5. It will show LoginRadius widget on the page.

6. You can now set the desired widget position from Move widget option.

7. Click on Edit widget. Enter LoginRadius API Key and Secret that you get from your LoginRadius account (Please see 'Note 1’ below on 'How to get Social Login Key & Secret') and hit Save button.

8. Logout from admin panel and you will see LoginRadius on your website.

Note 1: How to get LoginRadius API Key & Secret: Get LoginRadius API key

Note 2: In order to use Social Login on a BlogEngine website, you need to assign Commentor Role in Admin. Please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your website admin panel.

2. Click on Users under ‘Administration’ section.

3. After that select Roles and click on Add new role.

4. It will open up a pop-up, in which you are required to add Commentor in Name field and hit Save button.

5. It will show a new role Commentor in the list of Roles. Click on Tools button in front of Commentor and select Rights.

6. Now from the list, select the rights that you want to assign for Role Commentor and click Save button.

Note: Visit LoginRadius support center to view step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

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